Q&A with Rianne Ward!


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I had the chance to catch up with the multi-talented Rianne Ward, the Editor and CEO of Evolve magazine, to find out what’s next for Evolve and her plans for the future!

Q. Tell us about yourself.

Well what can i say I am a 30 something, size 24 plus size woman, who believes that there NEEDS to be a change in the Fashion industry especially on how plus size women are viewed and the fashion options that we are given, and I am actively trying to help that change come about through Evolve Media Ltd.

Q. Why did you start Evolve?

I launched Evolve because the needs of women across the world have changed dramatically. Our ethos is that women should be confident no matter how big or small they are. Being a plus size woman I am passionate about helping other plus size men & women to be proud to be who they are no matter what their size.  It’s time there was a company that catered for and spoke to us. I have worked in the Music and Television industry for over 15 years, and it became apparent that the plus size community especially in the UK was lacking events and publications that can inspire us. After doing some research, I felt compelled to try to create something that we as a community can feel proud of, my philosophy is still to serve women – – and to encourage them to be confident and to “Be proud…Be you”.

Q. What is your vision for Evolve?

Evolve Media Ltd is a premier lifestyle brand for plus size women. My company’s vision is to promote self-esteem and confidence in Women considered ‘plus size’. Evolve Media is committed to creating a platform to represent the voices of women of our community not just through our online fashion & lifestyle magazine but also through our forthcoming self-esteem and body confidence workshops, our original dance workshops such ‘Full Figured Funk’ and fashion events as well as our plus size modelling agency to name just a few things lol…… Me and my fantastic team just hope that we can create something for all of the community, a place where we can all go to gain something, learn something or just to have fun and see images that represents all sizes!

Q. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Is it really corny to say my mum!! But it is true she is a fighter and she does not give up and I think I have inherited that trait from her, which has definitely helped me to continue the road with Evolve when I have come up  against big obstacles – and there has definitely been a few of those lol, but also within the plus size community, I am inspired by those who have carved out their own niche and created something or done something great that the community can feel proud of like: Velvet D’Armour, Gwen Devoe,  Tocarra Jones, Madeline Figueroa, Queen Latifah and the late Mia Amber.  I was very proud this weekend has I had the pleasure of working with 2 of these inspirational people for Evolve’s latest issue, and that felt amazing!! (Sssshhh I can’t tell you who just yet 😉

Q. What is one surprising fact that Evolve readers wouldn’t know about you?

Errrrrmm maybe the fact that I used to be a singer/songwriter and that I also used to write songs for films and cartoon series and I am allergic to coconuts and kool aid lol lol – (weird I know – I mean who is allergic to Coconuts???)

Q. What attribute, characteristics as well of sort of ‘look’ do you look for when seeing models to work with?  

I get asked this question a fair bit – but what I definitely do know is that many pretty-in-person girls can make terrible models and sometimes the plain Jane’s just take your breath away on film. It takes much more than just a pretty face and a curvy body to make it as a plus size model. You need to have the total package, a mix of genetics and personality. I definitely look for great skin and also a model that is VERY serious about being a plus size model as it is hard work – I look for models who are trying to master their craft, understanding their body angles – watch, learn, absorb – Be a SPONGE in the industry, so when you get your chance to shine you can also all models MUST take care of themselves and their bodies, making sure you are toned and in portportion in essential for your business as a model. In the UK I think there is a major lack of professional plus size models over a size 16 and I presently struggle to book models who have learnt their craft and are camera/catwalk ready, but Evolve do hope to start an initiative in 2012 that may help models.

Q. What encourages you to keep pushing on when times become hard, or the odds are against you…when it seems that the world is against you for reasons that you can not control?

Evolve has a great following and I am surprised and humbled at the amount of people who support and encourage me through sending emails and thanking me for creating Evolve. So when I have my moments of doubt, I remember thiose emails of encouragement and keep on pushing!! I also have a fantastic team that always keeps me on my toes!!

Q. What really touches you in a way that you feel you absolutely have to add it in an issue..how do YOU make the decision to put something to print?

I think the question is what does not touch me lol. I think Evolve is special because we give you great imagery but even more important we cover and discuss stories and elements that are relevant to our community. So I am always researching and looking out for new stories, interviews, columns and especially the best fashion to give to our readers!!

Q. What are some of your favourite fashion trends for S/S 2012?

I am loving some of the geometric mirrolike shapes and oversize florals that came down the runway for S/S 2012. I personally would wear the print on the bottom and keep my top half simple but chic. I am also loving some of the shades of orange that hit the runway. Need less to say it is going to be a colourful spring/summer 2012!

Thank you guys for all your support!!


Until next time….Be Proud…Be You!

By : LaCara Kutcherman